Difficult PCR

Chris LaRosa clarosa at biocomp.unl.edu
Tue Jun 20 09:33:12 EST 2000

tweissen at my-deja.com wrote:
> Has anyone tried the Failsafe reagent (Epicentre), or other betaine
> based PCR additives from Quiagen, Clontech, Eppendorf. etc. side by
> side with plain betaine (not betaine*HCl, but betaine*H2O or the
> anhydrous form)?
> NB, it helps to optimize concentrations. 1M is *not* always optimal,
> despite of what several kit manufacturers claim!
> T

This is a little hard to do , because Epicentre wont tell what the
"secret" propriatory ingredients of their reaction mixes are...and the
various Mg and other stuff .   However they do give ranges.

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