Multiphor (IEF) power supply

Ian A. York iayork at
Tue Jun 20 13:27:25 EST 2000

We have Pharmacia's Multiphor 2-D gel system, which used to work with an
ancient old power supply.  More recently I got some of the IEF strips from
Amersham-Pharmacia, and the power supply isn't good enough; the current
drops too low to register, and the machine cuts out.  

I've talked to tech people at A-P, and they're adamant that there's only
one way to run the system now, and that I *must* buy one of theire power
supplies, because nothing else will still run at the very low current the
system uses.

The power supply costs over $2000, and we believe we would need it around
once a year, which would make it very hard to justify the price.

Has anyone got decent results with a less expensive power supply?

My impression is that the new IEF strips require (or least have
recommended) a new buffer system, different from the buffers that were
recommended a few years ago by Pharmacia.  We tried running the strips
with the old system, and the power supply did not cut out all the time,
but (1) it did some times--inconsistent results worry me; and (2)  I
wasn't convinced that we were getting good focussing with the new strips
and old buffer system.

I don't know when the switch between buffer systems was made, but I think
it was in the last 2-5 years.

Any tips?  Have we been stuck with a useless system due to planned

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