Help with Taxol preps

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maybe it is helpful when the stock is diluted into FCS or albumin and 
then into medium. this procedure was successful for me when using 
squalene and is reported for some lipids (Pagano, somewhere in 
the late 80's IIRC)


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> Subject:       Help with Taxol preps
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> Hi,
> A student of ours is using Taxol to disrupt the cytoskeleton, and
> has started getting unexpected preciptations forming in the medium
> after switching from a pharmaceutical grade to the "sigma" powder. 
> A stock is made up either in DMSO or Cremophor El (oil based I
> think) + Ethanol ( as suggested by supplier), but when the stock is
> diluted 0.25% vol to the aqueous, we see needle-shaped crystal
> forming as taxol goes out of solution. Ideas, and protocols would be
> greatly appreciated, plz email to me: Ian.Harper at
> Thanks
> Ian.
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