Need Help on TLC to separate nucleotides

M. Johan Broekman hanbroekman at
Tue Jun 20 21:18:22 EST 2000

Hui Wang wrote:
> Hi
>    I am trying to sparate AMP, ADP, ATP using TLC PEI-cellulose plate. I
> do not know how much I need to spot on the plate and what the development
> solution(s). I tried once using 5 ul 100uM ADP/ATP, then developed in 1M
> acetic acid twice and once in 1.2M LiCl (one method found in a paper), but
> I did not see any signal under UV254. If you have that experiences, ccould
> you please share with me at wang.508 at
> Thanks a lot

Do you see anything when using UV254 *before* developing the TLC plate? 
If not, you may be using the wrong plate.  You need to have plates
impregnated with fluorescent indicator, so the spots show up dark on a
fluorescent background.

We are using a different TLC system for separating nucleotides. 
Advantage better separation of metabolites.  Disadvantages: smelly, 5-6
hr development time.  See:

J. H. F. Drosopoulos, M. J. Broekman, N. Islam, C. R. Maliszewski, R. B.
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A. J. Marcus, L. B. Safier, K. A. Hajjar, H. L. Ullman, N. Islam, M. J.
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