Multiphor (IEF) power supply

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>I've talked to tech people at A-P, and they're adamant that there's only
>one way to run the system now, and that I *must* buy one of theire power
>supplies, because nothing else will still run at the very low current the
>system uses.
>The power supply costs over $2000, and we believe we would need it around
>once a year, which would make it very hard to justify the price.
>Has anyone got decent results with a less expensive power supply?

What voltage does it run at?

Most of the modern lab power supplies only start when they sense a
current being drawn hence if the current is too low they drop out. So
what you need is an old fashioned un-sensed power supply which is most
likely to be cheaper in the first place.

What about Biorad? Every so often they run promotions whereby you buy a
power supply and get a mini protean vertical (or similar) gel system
free, or visa versa. Again no good if the power supply on offer won't
handle low currents.

The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get 
sliced from time to time....

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