Real Time PCR

Susanne Rohrer "srohrer(removethis)" at
Fri Jun 23 02:40:28 EST 2000

Of course this depends on what you want to do. We have just had the Light
Cycler on loan for a couple months. It's nice to work with it except fiddling
around with the capillaries gets on my nerves when I have to handle a full set
of 32 samples.

This machine is quite expensive, but I have no idea what others might cost.
but it looks like a fancy espresso machine and you get a flat screen with the
computer, which looks nice in the lab. On a more scientific note, I don't know
if this justifies the price...

MdRos wrote:

> Hi everyone;
> We are planning to have a new Real Time PCR machine in our lab but still in
> puzzle to find the best. Can anyone  suggest the most suitable model to be
> picked out.
> Regards.
> MdRos
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