Real Time PCR

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Sat Jun 24 16:04:21 EST 2000

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> [ "MdRos" ]
> > We are planning to have a new Real Time PCR machine in our lab but still in
> > puzzle to find the best. Can anyone  suggest the most suitable model to be
> > picked out.
> And if you have more money, buy the PE 7700, I heard that this is really
> it.

We are currently using the PE 7700.  The machine itself has proven to
pretty decent.  It runs on a Macintosh G3 and the software is a bit
dodgy at this point.  Maybe they will fix some of the bugs in a later
version.  It does take up quite a bit of bench space, the footprint is
around 130 x 75 cm (just a guess.)  

Overall, we havn't had any trouble whatsoever with the machine itself
and it seems to be a very rugged piece of equipment.  We have been
using 96 well plates with "optical" lids that com all attatched in a
chain.  They can be a little annoying to work with, but, as long as you
have the transparent lids, I don't see why you couldn't use single PCR

I'm just glad not to have to use oil any more.


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