PCR from polyacrylamide gel slice

alex dobrovic adobrovic at medicine.adelaide.edu.au
Sun Jun 25 23:02:15 EST 2000

We use the bandstab technique of Wilton (1997) for sequencing single-strand
conformers. Bands are stabbed with a yellow tip which is then placed in
10ul of PCR grade water. 1ul is used for PCR.

This saves a lot of time and can be applied to any bands in a polycrylamide

Bianco T, Hussey D, Dobrovic A.  Methylation-sensitive single-strand
conformation analysis (MS-SSCA): A rapid method to screen for and analyze
methylation.  Hum Mutat. 1999;14(4):289-93.

Wilton SD, Lim L, Dye D, Laing N.   Bandstab: a PCR-based alternative to
cloning PCR products. Biotechniques. 1997 Apr;22(4):642-5.

>Is it possible to run a PCR reaction using a slice of the polyacrylamide gel
>that has my band of interest?  Or do I need to get the DNA out of the gel
>first?  Thanks.

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