high speed gel electrophoresis

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> >> Dear News readers,
> >> 
> >> I just found two biotechnology comppanies selling electrophoresis units
> >> that
> >> allow you to run gel electrophoresis at high voltage (say, 250 volt or even
> >> higher). Unfortunately, both systems are pretty expensive. Anyone has ever
> >> used these "high speed gel elctrophoresis" before? Can I find any
> >> alternative?

Hi guys, I got spammed a few months back by these guys:
I assumed the trawled my address from this group. They have basically
redesigned standard gel tanks to allow cooling of the gel from below,
thus allowing seriously fast runs. They didn't have a UK demo supplier
last time I asked - has anyone out there given these tanks a go?
Especially the 96+ well gels.

Cheers (no affils BTW)

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