Query on Nickel Affinity Columns

jkuruvil jkuruvil at lamar.colostate.edu
Tue Jun 27 14:56:52 EST 2000

Thankyou!!!! It really  works...!!!!!!!!!

"Dr. Duncan Clark" wrote:

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> <jkuruvil at lamar.colostate.edu> writes
> >Does anybody know of a good scource for Nickel Affinity columns...and  a
> >GOOD BUFFER that can be used to regenerate them????
> We are having a some good results with IDA-sepharose (Sigma or APB). You
> can strip the Nickel from the column after each run with 25mM EDTA and
> then wash the column with 0.1M NaOH prior to equilibrating back in
> water/buffer and re-charging with fresh Ni (in our case we use Nickel
> sulphate, rather than Chloride 'cos I had a kg on the shelf!).
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