Mammalian cDNA

Lut Van Laer lvlaer at
Wed Jun 28 04:52:23 EST 2000

We want to pick up homologous genes for DFNA5, a hereditary hearing
impairment gene (Van Laer et al, Nature Genet 20: 194-197, 1998). It is
an orphan gene and the function is currently unknown. We would like to
screen cDNA libraries from several different mammalian species (for
example, from bovine, pig, rabbit, rat, horse, sheep or others, but not
from mouse or human). Can onyone provide us with one of these (or
several)? This gene is ubiquitously expressed, so the tissue is not very
important. We would only need enough to determine the titer and to
screen approximately 106 clones. Ofcourse, your help would be highly
appreciated and rewarded.

Thanks in advance,


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