recommendations for 96-well fluorimeter

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Wed Jun 28 15:04:19 EST 2000

>From: rashie athukorala (rashie at
>Date: Mon 26 Jun 2000 - 05:05:47 BST

>I'm in the market for a 96-well fluorimeter, to be used primarily for high
>throughput DNA quantitation. With the caveat that this is in part
>controlled by the dye being used, I'd like to have one that spans the
>broadest linear range possible (ideally several logs worth).

>With no sense of what the market has to offer, suggestions would be

I've been looking around as well.  Try these two sources for good overviews
of fluorescent plate readers. (Robotics
and compatibility)
Elizabeth Zubritsky, Jan, 1999.  Microplate fluorometers reach critical
mass.  Analytical Chemistry, News & Features, 39A-43A.

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