low copy plasmid isolation

Jay T. Myers jtmyers at umich.edu
Wed Mar 1 09:56:09 EST 2000

Just noted this posting.  I don't have any experience with pSC101 so I can't
comment as to whether or not amplification will work in this case.  Dr.
Clark is right you may have no other choice but to maxi-prep till the cows
come home.  Ouch!

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> In article <89ep5p$k5k$1 at newsflash.concordia.ca>, ELAINE B S NEWMAN
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>> Can anyone tell me how to get enough plasmid from a cell containing a psc101
>> plasmid in order to cut it and check plasmid structure?
> No easy way other than growing up lots and lots. I don't think the
> replicon in pSC101 is amplifiable. Anyone know for sure?
> Duncan
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