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Fri Mar 3 06:59:16 EST 2000

"Ben Wielockx" <ben.wielockx at> wrote:

>Can someone tell me what kind of collagen can be stained with sirius red
>staining (type 1,2,3, others?).
>Is collagen the only proteins that can be stained?
>Thanks for any suggestions

Dear Ben, 

a short look in PubMed with the
key words: sirius red stain 
will reveal about 50 articles, of which e.g. the following might
interest you:

Histochem Cell Biol 1999 Nov;112(4):271-6
In situ measurement of collagen synthesis by human bone cells with a
sirius red-based colorimetric microassay: effects of transforming
growth factor beta2 and ascorbic acid 2-phosphate. 
Tullberg-Reinert H, Jundt G

They describe which types of collagen is stained.

Using PubMed is really less trouble (and faster) than asking us to do
it for you ;-)


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