pSP6/T7-19 or AIMV RNA 4 transciption vector

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Fri Mar 3 23:54:24 EST 2000

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000 17:53:56, akohl001 at (Alain Kohl) wrote:

ð Dear all,
ð I'm looking for a vector called pSP6/T7-19, which was once sold by Gibco
ð but it's no longer produced. A derived plasmid, pSP6/T7-AIMV 4 which
ð contains part of the AIM virus 4 RNA under control of the SP6 promotor,
ð would also help. This plasmid was once described by Shi et al (Virology,
ð 1995) (the corresponding has appearently retired since) and it is used for
ð RNA capping studies.
ð ---

Do you want the SP6 and T7 in tandem or in opposition? A tandem SP6>>T7 vector
is described in Samson & Uhlenbeck PNAS 85, 1033-1037 (1988). The plasmid 
pSP67-YF0 has SP6>>T7>>tRNA-phe, but the tRNA could be removed. For opposing 
SP6><T7 vectors, these should still be commercially available -- Promega 
patented them. 

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