Transferrin structure

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Wolfgang Schechinger (Wolfgang.Schechinger at wrote:
: Hi all, 

: could anyone please point me to a resource that might elucidate the 
: structure of (human sero-) transferrin (TF)? I spent half the night 
: hunting through databases but I couldn't find anything relevant 
: despite AA sequence and iron binding sites. especially, I'm 
: interested in how and where TF interacts with its receptor and how 
: iron content might influcence that behavior.

: Thanks for your help.

: Wolfgang
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Hi Wolfgang,
the N-terminal part of human serum transferrin seems to be elucidated by

MacGillivray, R. T., Moore, S. A., Chen, J., Anderson, B. F., Baker, H.,
Luo, Y., Bewley, M., Smith, C. A., Murphy, M. E., Wang, Y., Mason, A. B.,
Woodworth, R. C., Brayer, G. D., Baker, E. N.: Two high-resolution crystal
structures of the recombinant N-lobe of human transferrin
reveal a structural change implicated in iron release..
Biochemistry 37 pp. 7919 (1998)


Best wishes


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