fetal calf serum

dkim at hector.NMSU.Edu dkim at hector.NMSU.Edu
Thu Mar 9 20:22:07 EST 2000

I am pretty sure that fetal calf serum has qualitative differences in the
amount of growth hormones present, compared to newborn calf serum.  Two
cell cultures, grown in identical media but for the source of serum
(newborn or fetal) will show marked differences in their rate of growth.

There may also be differences in the ability of cells grown in newborn
calf serum to support the growth of certain viruses in vitro, but this is
a pure guess.

WRT the presence of antibodies:  Isn't serum heat inactivated by a kind of
Pasteurization before it is used?

Daniel Kim (who hasn't grown mammalian cells in many years)

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