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> Sorry, I was not clear..
> The reason why I asked is because a collegue of mine vortexed her sample
> and she got no polysomes on her profile.... I was wondering if vortexing
> was the reason why her experiment failed??
> Thanks,
> Mano.

It's unlikely that was the reason she got no polysomes. I used to do
casual vortexing (a couple of seconds) of the samples that I used to run
on gradients, and the 'somes looked fine. I also seem to recall that the
yeast guys would break open the cells for polysome gradients by vortexing
with glass beads.

Is she seeing the 80S monosome peak?

What kind of sample is she analyzing? How much? What conditions? You can
e-mail me if you think this discussion is too boring for the newsgroup.

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