cterminal GST-fusion?

Richard J. Dudley rdudley at pitt.edu
Tue Mar 14 09:32:39 EST 2000

Worthington has a set of vectors for this:


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> Hi netters!
> Did anybody of you come accross an expressionvector which makes
> c-terminal GST-fusion proteins?
> Or anybody tried it yet?
> I have  a feeling, that those fusionproteins might no longer bind
> Glutathion or might not fold or whatever
> could make them unusable??? otherwise they would be commercially
> available wouldn' t they??
> They would be just sooo useful.....
> Any hints appreciated, Thanks Ina
> Sorry about that no spam@ blablabal..... its not me its our IT-unit who
> does this....
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> Ina Hinners
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> UK
> email: I.Hinners at icrf.icnet.uk

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