Why SDS-PAGE gel runs vertically?

Jens Tornoe jtNOjtSPAM at neurosearch.dk.invalid
Tue Mar 14 10:06:37 EST 2000

You can run SDS-PAGE horizontally as well. For instance, the
Multiphor system from Pharmacia uses horizontal electrophoresis.

One of the reasons why different gel systems are run differently
has to do with the ratio between volume of loaded sample and the
thickness of the gel. Because agarose gels are relatively thick,
you can load a lot of sample on the gel even though it is
horizontal. All things being equal, a horizontal system is a lot
easier to handle than a vertical one, that is why you want to go
that way whenever possible. In a vertical SDS-PAGE system as the
Protean Minigel system from Biorad, you have to stack the
samples on top of the gel in order to be able to load a
sufficient amount. That is why you have to run it vertically.
Just try to imagine how it would be to load a horizontal gel a
few mm's thick, and you will get the picture...


Jens Tornoe
Ballerup, Denmark

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