Why SDS-PAGE gel runs vertically?

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> Dear netters,
> I am a newbie in molecular biotechnology and wonders why SDS-PAGE gel
> runs vertically while AGE runs horizontally?
> Thanks in advance.

It's not so much that they need to be run vertically, but that they need
to be cast between two plates beause air inhibits polymerization. I
supose you could design an apparattus that would allow one to run a gel
between two plates horizontally, but I don't see the point.

Agarose gels _can_ be run vertically, and some of us old-timers have even
done it that way, especially for Northerns (anyone still have the Sugden
gel boxes?). But they are much easier to cast horizontally, and the
vertical gels did have a slight tendency to slip out of the plates:-(
Plus, you couldn't just take a vertical gel over to the transilluminator
to see if it had run "far enough." Any perceived increase in resolution
that one got by running them vertically was usually offset by the
convenience of casting and running them horizontally.


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