Therapeutic Antibodies

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I am an academic with a long history and a strong interest in the field of
therapeutic antibodies.

You may be aware of my web site

Mike's Immunoglobulin Structure and Function Home Page

The reason for this posting is that I would like to bring to your attention
a new initiative on my website and also if possible ask for your

The new initiative is called the

'Therapeutic Antibody Human Homology Project'

You can find the main web pages as

and an introduction to why I started it at

How can you help?

This project requires that I identify the correct sequences which go along
with each therapeutic  antibody. Unfortunately most antibodies go through
multiple name changes during their commercial development. This makes it
rather time consuming to track the antibodies currently in trials back to
the description of their original sequences. However if you are able to
point me to  details of a therapeutic antibody and it's sequence I will
endeavour to include it in the list. Please  remember that I only wish to
include sequences and data which are in the public domain and  readily
verifiable as such. Also of value would be published details of
antiglobulin responses to  these antibodies and I will eventually try to
cross reference this data.

I hope this project will prove to be of use in trying to interpret the
data arising from the steadily increasing numbers of therapeutic
immunoglobulins in clinical trials. My summary of results will of course
be made available in the public domain.


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