Finding the location(s) and copy number of stably transfected genes...

Sukru Tuzmen sukrut at
Wed Mar 15 05:49:23 EST 2000

I would like to figure out a way to be able to determine the location of
my vector of interest that was stably transfected into MEL cells.
This process will enable my interpretation of the data  obtained from
transfected vs non-transfected MEL cells.  The transfected MEL s
demonstrate a phenotypic change but one cannot argue against the
cause(s) unless one knows the exact location of integration. I  would
also appreciate any suggestions that may be helpful in terms of going
around this problem...Thanks in advance.  Please forward your
suggestions to my e-mail address.

Sukru Tuzmen Ph.D.

e-mail: st85u at

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