Any ideas for substitute for chloroform?

"Hamel, Andre AGR AHamel at
Thu Mar 16 16:02:15 EST 2000

Dear bionetters,

Does anyone have any practical experience using a substitute for chloroform
during nucleic acid extractions?

We routinely extract nucl acids using GiTC and pheonl/chloroform-2%
The way we have things set up in our lab we HAVE to do the ext'ns in
polypropylene 1.5 mL Eppendorf 
microtubes (for speed, efficiency and through-put).

Too many tubes for our liking leak during the chloroform ext'ns.

Chloroform has NO surface tension, thus leaks easily in ANY brand of tube
(we've tested them all [dozens], 
Costar, Eppendorf, etc, etc).

I'm going to try a few different poly-chloro-n-butanol instead ... and will
post the results. Hopefully it will be 
hydrophobic enough to denature proteins sufficiently as well as be dense
enough to bring down the phenol 
with it in the microfuge. 

Thanks you,

Andre Hamel
Virology Laboratory, Veterinary Services
Manitoba Agriculture
Winnipeg, Manitoba  CANADA

tel: (204) 945-7630
fax: (204) 945-8062
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