Sterilin Universals heat resistance.

Chris H Lindley chris at
Thu Mar 16 16:39:13 EST 2000

I don't know about the Sterilin tubes, but Falcons do start to distort
when you boil them. I know, I lost somebody else's sample when
I told them that they "won't!" :-(


On 16 Mar 2000 12:04:45 -0000, Wolfgang.Schechinger at wrote:
>since they are made from polypropylene or polyethylene, you should 
>face no problems when you put them into boiling water. If you really 
>should insist in *melting* your DNA I suggest the use of a ceramic 
>pot and inert gas athmosphere ;-)

>>  I was just wondering how warm you can heat Sterilin Universals or
>> Falcon tubes before they melt.  I want to melt then re-anneal some
>> DNA and I've got 20mls of solution so I guess a sterile universal is
>> the best option but will it melt?

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