HELP! EtBr contamination.

Jens Tornoe jens at
Wed Mar 15 15:16:14 EST 2000

In Denmark some twenty years ago, EtBr was used in the school dental service
to tell whether we kids had brushed our teeth properly. We had to chew on a
pill dyed with EtBr. Parts of teeth with plaque would then turn red after
rinsing with water. The pill tasted pretty good, I remember, so I have
probably swallowed a few of them in my time.

For this reason, I would like to believe that EtBr is not _that_ mutagenic,
'like' being the keyword here...


Jens Tornøe
Pederstrup, Denmark

rogier <stugerNOstSPAM at> wrote in
message news:0a312b54.837d3e58 at
> Water is the most effective thing.
> Ethidium bromide is less dangerous than you think. It scores
> pretty high in an Ames test, but in people it's way less
> mutagenic 'cos it doesn't easily get into your nuclei.
> Rogier
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