Sterilin Universals heat resistance

Wolfgang Schechinger Wolfgang.Schechinger at
Fri Mar 17 05:45:49 EST 2000

Hi all, 
I just did the the experiment and put a Nunc and a Greiner 50 ml tube 
filled with 15 ml water each into the microwave and powered 750 watts 
for 5 min. The water was boiling, but the tubes didn't melt. The got 
a *little* bit softer, bat that what I'd expect at boilng water 
temp. We also routinely clean these tubes in the dishwasherand 
don't have any problem with that procedure.

Could anyone please perform the experiment with other brand's tubes?

BTW I noticed a kind of smell coming from the hot tubes. I noticed 
the same smell occuring when storing e.g. water in these tubes for a 
prolonged period. Is this monomer, softener or what? could it be 
harmful to cells, DNA or whatwever? 
Any ideas?


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