Q: how to do site specific recombination in bacteria

yang QIu yqiu at mhgc.lbl.gov
Fri Mar 17 21:29:43 EST 2000

Hello, there:
I have found one possible 500 bp regulartory element.  I am thinking to
delete this element in my Bac clone which contains the whole gene, and
make transgenic mice.  I want to introduce two Lox P site flanking this
element, so later I can breed the transgenic mice with cre-recombinase
transgenic mice to delete the element from the transgene.  I don't know
how I can do the site specific recombination in bacteria. I know this
can be done in YAC, but YAC is pain to deal with. Does anyone know how
to do the deletion or recombination in BAC? any kind of information or
reference will be really appreciated.

Yang Qiu,
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

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