Getting DMSO out of parafin wax?

Chris Kafer ckafer at
Sun Mar 19 11:54:59 EST 2000

 On a regular trip to the local grocery store I picked up ordinary
canning wax.  Works perfectly and cost me something like $1.28 for 2
lbs of wax.  Is it really worth spending your time to try to rid your
wax of DMSO?

On Sat, 18 Mar 2000 13:39:51 -0500, Michael Prigge
<prigge at> wrote:

>I was going to do some hot-start PCR with parafin. (I.e., having the Taq
>separated from the oligos and DNA by wax that melts during the first
>denaturation step.)  Well, I realized that this lab has cases of Paraplast
>Plus parafin containing an unspecified amount of DMSO, but no DMSO-free
>parafin.  If I extract the wax a couple times with water, would that get
>rid of enough of the DMSO that I won't have to alter my PCR conditions?  
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