Getting DMSO out of parafin wax?

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> I was going to do some hot-start PCR with parafin. (I.e., having the Taq
> separated from the oligos and DNA by wax that melts during the first
> denaturation step.)  Well, I realized that this lab has cases of Paraplast
> Plus parafin containing an unspecified amount of DMSO, but no DMSO-free
> parafin.  If I extract the wax a couple times with water, would that get
> rid of enough of the DMSO that I won't have to alter my PCR conditions?  

I've not seen any adverse effects of DMSO (eg. 5%) on PCR
results.  In fact it usually gives a nice improvement so
unless there is a *lot* of DMSO in the wax or your PCR
conditions are *really* finely tuned I wouldn;t bother removing
it - just test it and see.

   Good luck,

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