MM3 Yeast THS reply to wait for screen and sequenceing

Christopher Kvaal ckvaal at
Tue Mar 21 18:28:03 EST 2000

I have done 3 two-hybrid screens in YRG-2 and have another on the way with
AH109 with MM3 YTHS.

I have waited as long as two weeks.   Relevant issues/questions:

How sure are you of your bait construct?
Do you have a positive control in your screen (i.e. p53 and pSV40)?

Using AH109 and weak interactors discovered in our lab (not p53 and pSV40),
it can take 8 days to get colonies just from streaking on -A-H-L-W plates.

We pass the library/AD plasmid thru E.coli to get sequenceing grade DNA.

Dr. Christopher Kvaal
Postdoctoral Associate
Department of Veterinary Molecular Biology
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717

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