Tom Knight tk at pasteur.ai.mit.edu
Fri Mar 24 14:53:10 EST 2000

I recently got good results with the T4 RNA polymerase cDNA
circularization technique described in these two papers, working with
bacterial total RNA:

Maruyama, Ichiro N, Rakow, Terese L, and Maruyama, Hiroko, I, (1995),
cRACE: a simple method for identification of the 5' end of mRNAs,
Nucleic Acid Research 23:3796-3797.

Eyal, Yoram, Neumann, Hanna, Or, Etti, and Frydman, Ahuva, (1999),
Inverse Single Stranded RACE: An Adapter Independent Method of 5'
RACE, Biotechniques, 27 (4) 656-658.

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