Oligonucleotides: I'm desperate

zippy abc at zippy.vectorlabs.com
Fri Mar 24 16:37:20 EST 2000

Dear January,
You didn't mention how you are visualizing your oligos but perhaps this
will be useful.  A recent issue of Life Technologies' Focus (1999. Vol.
21(1):2-3.) shows that oligos of similar amount and length, but
different sequence, stain differently with ethidium bromide.  An
identical gel viewed by UV shadowing shows bands of equivalent
intensity.  The EtBr-stained gel looks exactly as you describe with some
oligos staining brightly and some completely invisible.  If you don't
want to use UV shadowing, perhaps acridine orange or another
single-strand staining dye would work better than EtBr.

Good luck.  E-mail me for more details if needed.

Brian Kanagy
Vector Laboratories, Inc.
Burlingame CA

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