cloning large fragments

Chris Boyd cboyd at
Mon Mar 27 06:41:46 EST 2000

Jean-Christophe Billeter <9902301b at> wrote:
: Does anyone have expertise in sub-cloning big fragments (i.e.12-15kb) from
: BACs into
: conventional high-copy number plasmids e.g.bluescript? What kind of band
: purification
: method? What insert : vector ratios? additions/improvements in ligations?
: What kind of
: E.coli strain would you use for transformation? Furthermore, I would be
: interested in
: getting feedback about the biggest insert someone has managed to sub-clone
: into a
: plasmid.


   Tao, Q. and Zhang, H. B. (1998) `Cloning and stable maintenance
   of DNA fragments over 300 kb in Escherichia coli with conventional
   plasmid-based vectors.' Nucleic Acids Res., 26, 4901-4909.

and weep.

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