Disposable cell counting chambers

Jens Tornoe jtNOjtSPAM at neurosearch.dk.invalid
Mon Mar 27 07:59:16 EST 2000

Hello all.

In my current lab, we are using the good old-fashioned glass
Bürker-Türk cell counting slides for cell culture. They are a
pain to work with when you have to determine cell concentrations
for a lot of flasks. I know that there exist some plastic single-
use counting slides, but I have not been able to find them. The
ones I have seen had 10 chambers per slide and they were
distributed by a German company called Madaus Diagnostik. MD
does not sell these chambers anymore, so is there anyone out
there who knows where we can get such chambers?



Jens Tornoe
Ballerup, Denmark
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