A special lot of DEPC

Jan-Henner Wurmbach wurmbach at uke.uni-hamburg.de
Mon Mar 27 10:36:05 EST 2000

At our Lab arrived today a very special Lot of DEPC (Dietylpyrocarbonate).
It had become warm over the Weekend and the bottle was under pressure. At
opening it gave a "pfft" sound, some of the solution spilled out and a
specific, slightly Lemon-like stench was smelled.
We have never had this before with our DEPC and we dont think that it is
still OK.
Does someone know what has happned?

The Bottle was from USB (Amersham), 25ml, brown (light protection)

Thank you for your  Ideas

  Jan-Henner Wurmbach
  Anatomical Institute
  University of Hamburg/Germany

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