PROs and CONs of visualization of DNA in agarose gel by EtBr

ChenHA hzhen at
Wed Mar 29 17:49:57 EST 2000

Cornelius Krasel wrote:
> Putting EtBr into the gel is faster (no time needed for staining/
> destaining) and you need less EtBr. 

That's not quite true.  I remember reading in a book (a
student who pass thro' the lab stole that book, you know who
you are, swine!) that DNA runs slightly faster without EtBr,
but taking account of the time needed to stain, it doesn't
make much different in term of time.  

Note also that EtBr intercalated into plasmids can make the
plasmids run very differently depending on the amount of
EtBr intercalated.  Normally supercoiled plasmids run faster
than linearised plasmids, but depending on the amount of
EtBr intercalated, the supercoiled plasmid can uncoils and
runs slower than linearised plasmids.

Disadvantage: your running
> buffer will be contaminated with EtBr.

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