What's chromic-sulfuric acid?

Alistair Harrison nufc at mindspring.com
Wed Mar 29 22:26:08 EST 2000

John Dixon wrote:

> Hi, I have just discovered that a container labelled "ACID" in a fume
> hood we have inherited, in fact contains 3 litres of chromic-sulphuric
> acid. I remembered a mention of it in this thread, and wondered if
> anyone could enlighten me on just how dangerous it is, and in what
> particular ways (other than corrosive, obviously!).
> I couldn't find any info by searching for chemical safety sites on the
> web so any good links for that would be useful too.

More anecdotes. I used to soak IEF tubes in a 250ml measuring cylinder
of chromic acid and once dropped one on the floor. The chromic acid
sprayed everywhere, my shoes getting a particularly nasty dose, and like
an idiot I reflexively threw down a wad of paper towels which proceeded
to burst into flames. Thankfully nothing bad came of it apart from a
slightly torn up floor and an astoundingly beat up looking pair of

Alistair Harrison

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