experience with DNAZOL?

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On Thu, 30 Mar 2000, ZAG wrote:

-Hi, netters!
-Recently I read about a product called DNAZOL (not TRIZOL, RNASOLV or
-TRI-REAGENT, they are all for total RNA) from MRC or Life Technologies,
-and according to my readings so far this stuff really sounds interesting
-to me. However, is there anyone who has used it (any of the three:
-DNMAZOL, DNAZOL BS or DNAZOL ES) and can tell me something about the
-experiences? I am especially interested in preparing genomic DNA from
-Arabidopsis thaliana (DNAZOL ES). Any comments on this are welcome!

I have used all three, they are comparable in quality. BUT they are not as
good as column systems, and the solvents are a pain to work with. In the
end I continued using Qiagen...

Kind regards, 

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