self made spin columns

Chris LaRosa clarosa at
Thu Mar 30 10:52:13 EST 2000

Steve Cohen wrote:
> The easiest / cheapest spin columns can be made from NON-ART filter barrier
> tips. Just cut off the bottom 1/3, put in an Eppi tube, and your set. Great
> for recovering DNA from agarose gels too. 

Huh?/ Please elaborate on what NON-ART filter barrier tips are and who
sells them please... I am also looking for filter onto which to put
diatomaceous earth on.   There are protocols for diatomaceous earth
purification of plasmids and pcr products.  In fact I believe the
Prepa gene system is based on diatomaceous earth.   I have been using
the Celite diatomaceous earth available from Supelco with great results
in larger columns for maxi preps of plasmids.   This greatly reduces the
cost compared to buying the fancy premade kits.   Now if I can find a
cheap filter , I can build my own Prep A Gene system for one tenth of
the cost.

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