experience with DNAZOL?

Andy Miller kmiller at itsa.ucsf.edu
Thu Mar 30 12:05:02 EST 2000

Check out http://www.biocompare.com - in their molecular biology section
they have a good listing of companies who make high molecular weight DNA
prep kits, and the features of the different kits.

Kenneth Miller
U.C. San Francisco

ZAG <h225gast at edv2.boku.ac.at> wrote in message
news:38E36898.6D328A5D at edv2.boku.ac.at...
> Hi, netters!
> Recently I read about a product called DNAZOL (not TRIZOL, RNASOLV or
> TRI-REAGENT, they are all for total RNA) from MRC or Life Technologies,
> and according to my readings so far this stuff really sounds interesting
> to me. However, is there anyone who has used it (any of the three:
> DNMAZOL, DNAZOL BS or DNAZOL ES) and can tell me something about the
> experiences? I am especially interested in preparing genomic DNA from
> Arabidopsis thaliana (DNAZOL ES). Any comments on this are welcome!
> Please answer to my email-adress (and possibly to the newsgroup as well
> for all other people):
> hsigmund at edv2.boku.ac.at
> thanks in advance,
> Harald F. Sigmund
> University of Agricultural Sciences, Vienna, Austria

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