agarose gel extraction kit

Dr. Dietrich Mäde d.maede at
Fri Mar 31 15:08:16 EST 2000

Susanne Rohrer schrieb:

> I like the NucleoSpin Extract Kit (2in 1 - PCR cleanup and ext. from
> gels) from Macherey-Nagel. It is based on hydrophobic interaction on a
> membrane. I've had bad experience from the kind of kits with a silica
> slurry such as Qiagen sells it.

I have made different expieriencies with the quiagen kit. Depends on the
person who works with the kit. My results are bad....

Did you use the gel extraction kit ba macherey & nagel for cycle
sequencing of PCR-products? That´s the main application we do.


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