Small glass plates for cell culture

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> Does anyone know about where to get small glass plates (2 x 2 mm, or
> not larger than 3 x 3 mm)? We have tried to ask the general distributors
> in Norway. They only found one company that could make them special for
> us, but it would cost us around 6900 NOK (approx 850 US dollars) for 1000
> plates. It must be possible to find small glass plates cheaper somewhere???
> Svein-Ole

If you don't care about the exact size or shape, you can try what I did a
long time ago when I was doing some microinjection of cells and needed to
inject all the cells on small glass chip: I would crush some glass
coverslips in a mortar and pestle, and select out the ones that were the
right size with a pair of fine, pointed forceps.


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