Cleaning a mortar/pestel

Savita Shah spshah at
Wed May 3 15:31:26 EST 2000

How many gm or milligrams of tissue you are using? You can get 10 mortar
and pestle (small ones) and use them once .. and as you finish grinding
one sample  put them in small tub of warm water (with commercial
detergents like Dawn/joy, palmolive.. ) anyways.. you will probably  have
to incubate you samples in extraction buffers for 10 to 15 min.. and so
that way you get a break from grinding samples.. Wash the mortor and
pestles and rinse with 70% Ethanol and use them for teh next batch of

Lawrence R Hale wrote:

> I am going to try to work with plant DNA for the first time. I will be
> doing a mortar/pestel grind of leaf tissue under liquid nitrogen, as
> specified by the protocol I am following.
> My question concerns the mortar and pestel. What is the correct way to
> clean the mortar and pestel between grinds so that I don't contaminate
> one sample with tissue from another?
> Thanks,
> Larry Hale, Univ. of PEI
> lhale at

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