Formaldehyde vs. Formamide for Northern

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> >> We've been having a lot of trouble degrading our plant RNA with
> >> formaldehyde.  We've tried pHing the formaldehyde with NaOH to 5.3, and
> >> eliminating the formaldehyde from the incubation step.  

We have just had a journal club article which described running ordinary
TBE horizontal gels - DEPC-treated apparati and buffers - at 50 deg C,
with samples put in hot and fresh from a thermal denaturation in a
waterbath...with the current in the gel providing the heat!  Sounded
wonderful - will try to find ref if anyone interested.

PS: I have never run a formamide / glyoxal or other denaturing gel for
plant viral RNAs or DNA virus-derived mRNAs ever - and nor do my lab. 
We simply run 'em non-denaturing and avoid all of the problems - and
only lose a little info on absolute size, as most things run pretty near
their size anyway!

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