What's most expensive bio-lab eqpt?

Jim Kami jakami at ucdavis.edu
Thu May 4 13:23:20 EST 2000

I think the tech. is the most valuable part, but probably (and unfortunately for the
tech) the cheapest  :-(

Jim Kami

dkim at hector.NMSU.Edu wrote:

> Maybe the tech is the most expensive part    :)
> Vasos Panagiotopoulos +1-917-287-8087 Bioengineer-Financier <vjp2 at dorsai.org> wrote:
> : Whis is typically the most expensive equipment in a biotek lab?
> : The incubator?
> : Are they usually leased or bought?
> : What does it typically cost to start a biotek lab for research only?
> : What equipment is necessary?
> : (I think I know the answers, but I wanna check myself. Thanks for replies.)
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