ABI GeneScan Files on PC

Tim Jackson tim.jackson at nrc.ca
Fri May 5 09:02:45 EST 2000

i was having the same problem that you are but more to the extent that we
were looking for a program that would emulate Genotyper but not cost as
much.  we found a program called TrueAllele put out by a company called
Cybergenetics (www.cybgen.com).  we are "evaluating" it on a Mac but i'm
pretty sure that they had a PC version available.  i've no idea what it
costs.  they don't tell you that on their website.  you are allowed an
evaluation period of 3 months.  i haven't had much time to play with it
since we got the trial copy but it does have some extremely nice
features.  the only problem is that it's a memory pig (you need a colossus
of a computer to run it and the data files it generates are also quite
big) and it has a few bugs but nothing that seems fatal, so far.
good luck!

Tim Jackson
Institute for Marine Biosciences - NRC
Halifax, Nova Scotia

"Dr. Dietrich Mäde" wrote:

> Hallo out there,
> I am looking for a software which can convert the GeneScan Files (esp.
> the graphic) to a PC readable file. Shareware will be great.....
> Adios
> Dietrich

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