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Dear Genotypers,

We have both PE 377 and PE3700 sequencers.  The 377 is Mac based and the 3700 NT based.  The only shareware that is available for free that I'm aware of is MIT's NewMat and this is UNIX based.  If you don't have an expensive DEC or Sun server it won't help you much though and the capillary version of NewMat has not yet been released as shareware.
There are two ways around the PC incompatibility issue, a cheap way and a more expensive way.  Both require ABI's genotyper program however.  If you currently have the Mac version of Genotyper, the cheap way is to export the genotyper tables as tab delimited text files which can be imported into Excel (either Mac or PC) and also print out the chromatograms or do screen captures (shift-apple-3).
If you want the graphic though in a way that is analyzeable, the way you can do this is to buy the NT version of Genotyper.  We received 5 copies when we bought the PE3700, so I don't know how much it is by itself (I would guess $5000).    Genotyper NT can read Mac Genescan data as long as you give the macro a .gta extension.  It works identically to the Mac version.  I rarely recommend ABI software however Genotyper is really good and if you do a lot of genotyping it is indispensable.

Hope this helps!  Unfortunately everything costs money these days.

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>"Dr. Dietrich Mäde" schrieb: 
> Hallo out there, 
> I am looking for a software which can convert the GeneScan Files (esp. 
> the graphic) to a PC readable file. Shareware will be great..... 
>Sorry, this was not a really good question. I try to clarify my problem. 
>We are doing fragment analysis on an ABI 310 machine. The Analysis is done 
>with the genescan software which is a part of the ABI software bundle. 
>This software runs on the Mac. 
>The other computer systems are PC´s. Now I have the problem to transfer 
>the Mac-Files to the PC. The genescan software makes to parts of the 
>analysed sample: one graphic part and another table. The table can be 
>exported from the mac and imported into excel. The graphic is lost. The 
>only solution is to make a screenshot to transfer the curve. I am looking 
>for a software which can read the ABI fragment analysis files on PC like 
>Chromas does for sequencing files. 
>I hope someone can help me. I am sure that more people share this 


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