ABI GeneScan Files on PC

Henryk Bochmann bochmann-usenet0500 at gmx.net
Mon May 8 13:46:24 EST 2000

Dr. Dietrich Mäde <d.maede at knuut.de> wrote:
> exported from the mac and imported into excel. The graphic is lost. The
> only solution is to make a screenshot to transfer the curve. I am looking
> for a software which can read the ABI fragment analysis files on PC like
> Chromas does for sequencing files.

Do you want to grab the electropherogram information? I know that "DNA
for Windows" is able to read the trace files. It can be found at

http://bcf.arl.arizona.edu/tools/abi-upload.php3 has a program which
converts your tracefile into comma-separated values. This gives the
option of re-creating the curve in spreadsheets.


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