SDS behaving strangely.....

Sam Ross sam.ross at
Mon May 8 18:18:30 EST 2000

Dear M.M-R Netter Nutters,

Something a bit strange happened over yesterday evening; we've had a
cold snap, and my 1% SDS popped out of solution (this in itself is not
weird), but a 10% SDS solution stayed dissolved.  "Ah", intoned a wise
colleague, "As soon as you so much as touch the bottle, the 10% stuff
will go 'kschkschksch' and all fall out of solution" (unfortunately, I
cannot adequately describe the hand gestures she made to indicate the
precipitous precipitation predicted).  But it didn't.  The 1% solution
dissolved easily enough in a bit of hot water, but this morning, it's
out again.  The 10% stuff remains dissolved.

  I know it'll never get me a letter to 'Nature', but this has got me
intrigued.  The solutions are made up in the same filtered polished
water, the bottles were washed the same way.  Has anyone else ever
noticed this happening in their lab?

Sam Ross

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